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Tips for a Successful A-HTS® Platform Experience

To Activate your tutor account:

If your sessions are in the A-HTS® Online Classroom:

Please click the links below for a successful
A-HTS® Classroom Experience:
Before Your First Session: Tutor Readiness Checklist
Online Classroom Technical Requirements
How To Enter the Online Classroom (Downloadable User Guide)

How to Reconcile After Your Session

1) Access the session through your calendar view and click on the session you want to reconcile. 

2) Once you have selected the session click on Details

3) From this screen you’re able to execute a variety of tasks. 

  1. Edit Session (see additional sections below)
  2. Edit Session Time/Length
  3. Reconcile Attendance (REQUIRED)
  4. Complete Exit Survey (REQUIRED) see additional sections below)

In the Edit Session view you can edit any of the sections highlighted in yellow as seen below:

4) Completing the Exit Survey is REQUIRED for every session that populates an exit survey.

Please review below for further information. 

  1. Students Name
  2. Date of the Session
  3. Participation/Engagement Questions (REQUIRED)
  4. Comments that are sent to the Student (not required but appreciated)
  5. Check the box if you would like admin to review the survey and or the session
  6. Comments that are sent to Admin (not required but appreciated)
  7. Comments that are for yourself (if desired)
  8. Save the completed survey

Reconciliation Key




We advise all tutors to review their Dashboard for incomplete surveys. Make sure you are completing the entire process for reconciling your sessions which includes completing the exit surveys. You can click on the blue link (highlighted in yellow and underlined in red) to access incomplete surveys from your dashboard. 

How To Reconcile a Session

How to Message Your Student

How to Book a Session With Your Student

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