A-HTS IEC Team: Susan Taub

Susan Taub

Independent Education Consultant

Susan has 41 years of experience in the field of education.

For the past 17 years, Susan has counseled prospective students throughout the United States and internationally as an independent college consultant. Susan also has conducted college admissions interviews with high school students for 13 years as an alumna of Tufts.

Prior to her career as an independent college counselor, Susan taught elementary school; supervised student teachers; was an adjunct faculty member for both undergraduate and graduate courses in education at five colleges; and was an education consultant conducting in-service training in schools throughout her region.

Susan received a BA in Child Study from Tufts University and an Ed.M. from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Her experience with the college admissions process includes the roles of educator, interviewer, counselor, and parent.

Susan advises students to attain their goals to become their best possible selves, and then finding the best fit colleges and guiding them through the admissions process to achieve a positive outcome. Susan has advised students with a broad range of college interests and abilities, starting as early as ninth grade.

As well, Susan has particular expertise in very selective college admissions and specialized performing arts degree programs. There is nothing more satisfactory than when an advisee lands at a school that is the right match for them where they can thrive and be happy!


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