A-HTS IEC Team: Luciana Mandal


Luciana Mandal

Independent Education Consultant

Luciana Mandal has guided students and their families through the college admissions process for the past 19 years. Whether it is deciding on classes, extracurricular activities, college majors, career paths, or college choices, Luciana knows how to help you make decisions. She has breadth and depth of knowledge in each of these important areas. In fact, she has visited over 250 universities and attended exclusive programs for counselors and consultants. 

Additionally, Luciana has expert knowledge of how to complete college applications, write college essays, and apply for college scholarships and honors programs. She helps students and families make progress at each part of their educational journey.  Luciana has helped students prepare applications to state universities, selective universities, and special programs. She also understands the application processes to universities in Canada and the UK. 

Luciana’s approach is rooted in counseling. That means she is adept at helping families define their needs and wants, then turn those into actionable steps. Each session involves sharing valuable information, tracking family progress, offering advice in decision-making, and creating a to-do list. Luciana has specialized knowledge in working with students with learning differences, special circumstances, or English as a second language. 

Luciana is a graduate of UT-Austin (BA) and Texas State University (M.Ed.), alongside her sister. She lived in Texas for 20 years and has many other family members who attended universities in Texas. Lastly, Luciana is a mom of two who understands the trials and joys of supporting children through school. She is able to help families reach unified goals especially as the student transitions out of high school and into college.  

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