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Sarah Canales earned her BS in Psychology in 2012 and started working in Education in 2014. She began as a volunteer in the classrooms at Lakeside School District. Within a couple of years, Sarah became an officer of the Parent Professor/Instructor Club (PTC) and held the position of Secretary for 4 years. In 2018, she began working with Beardsley School District as a Yard and Classroom aide while earning her Substitute Teaching Permit. Sarah has worked extensively with grade levels K-8 in Regular and Special Day Classes (SDC) both as an aide and a Substitute Professor/Instructor. In 2020, she left the PTC position at Lakeside School District as she was elected to the board of the Student Site Council (SSC) at Lakeside School District.

In 2022, Sarah was named the Director of Tutor Experience and leads our Human Resources team.


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