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Martha Tosh Jensen, ACC


Martha is an entrepreneur and an executive/academic coach whose passion is helping others flourish by realizing their full potential.  She is a mom, fitness, adventure and spiritual junkie who is deeply committed to her own personal growth and making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

Martha has a 15-year senior leadership background with Capital One where she focused on coaching and development as well as building and leading high-performance teams.  Her work history also includes teaching, school administration and starting and operating a group of Mellow Mushroom restaurants, among other industrious ventures. 

Martha specializes in coaching students and young adults to develop the executive function skills they need to be successful in school while balancing extra-curricular activities, jobs, sports and having time for the things they love.

Martha and her team provide individualized coaching based on client’s needs and goals.  She partners with clients to clarify values/vision and plan, prioritize, and manage time for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.  Her coaching program also includes study skills, note-taking strategies, and overall wellness objectives to increase focus, maximize productivity, tap into motivation, reduce stress and increase self-esteem and self-efficacy.  Martha asks powerful questions, challenges assumptions and partners with clients to provide tools, strategies, and accountability to truly flourish. 

Martha is a certified ACC coach through the Human Potential Institute and the International Coaching Federation and is currently enrolled in classes to further here credentials with the ADDCA (Accredited ADHD Coach Training Program).

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