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Since 2001, Luciana has guided students and their families through the ever-changing college admissions process. She crafts a plan to meet each student’s needs at every part of their educational journey. Whether it is deciding on high school classes, extracurricular activities, college majors, career paths, or college choices, she knows how to help students find information and make sound decisions. 

In addition, Luciana has visited over 250 universities and attended 16 exclusive programs hosted by universities for counselors and consultants. She assists with applications not only to colleges and universities in the US but also to universities in Canada and the UK. When it comes to completing college applications, writing college essays, and applying to special programs, she knows the intricacies of the process. Her goal is to develop a strategy tailored to each student. In fact, she has specialized knowledge working with students with learning differences, special circumstances, or English as a second language.

Lastly, Luciana is a graduate of UT-Austin (BA) and Texas State University (M.Ed.) and a mom who understands the trials and joys of supporting teenagers and young adults through their educational journeys. She loves helping families reach unified goals during these formative years. 

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