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Physical Science

Wavelength, Period, Frequency And Energy

     Wavelength, period and frequency are closely related to each other. By definition, wavelength is just the distance between two identical points in the adjacent cycles of a wave, and […]

Current, Voltage And Resistance

Current, voltage and resistance are basically the three things we need when analyzing a circuit. An electrical circuit is basically a path that can conduct electricity, in other words, it […]

Ohm’s Law

    In electrical science, Ohm’s Law is so useful that it helps engineers to calculate either current, voltage, or resistance, if any two of these factors are given. Actually Ohm’s […]

Passive Sonar Vs Active Sonar

By common sense, soundwave can be reflected. Based on this principle, sonar is invented. Technically, sonar is a system that utilizes transmitted and reflected underwater sound waves to detect and […]

Refine Crude Oil

Crude oil is useful in a variety of ways. It is so powerful in industry because it contains hydrocarbons of varying molecular masses, forms and lengths (such as paraffins, aromatics, […]

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse occurs when moon is right between Earth and the Sun. When this happens, the moon blocks the sunlight and all we can see on the Earth is the […]

How Is Earth’s Geographic Poles Different From Magnetic Poles?

     The Earth’s Geographic Poles are opposite to its Magnetic Poles. The Earth’s magnetic field is just like the one produced by a huge bar magnet at the center of […]

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