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Earth / Environmental

Latitude,Temperature And Season

Our common sense tells us that the Sun gives us light and heat. But the heat from the Sun does not distribute evenly, and that is one of the major […]

Summer And Winter Daylight Hours Difference

     In the United States, we have daylight saving. We move an hour forward or backward according to the different daylight hours in summer and winter. But why number of […]

Three Types Of Convergent Plate Boundaries

There are three types of convergent plate boundaries and they can be subdivided into subduction and non-subduction. Let’s start with the easiest one for you to understand. Continental-continental has nothing […]

How Do Volcanoes Form

Deep inside Earth, between the molten iron core and the thin crust at the surface, there is a solid body of rock called the mantle. When rock from the mantle […]

Current Continental And Oceanic Plates On Earth

The current continental and oceanic plates include the following: The North American plate; The Caribbean plate; The South American plate; The Eurasian plate; The Australian-Indian plate; The Philippine plate; The […]

Continental Drift Theory

Continental Drift Theory says the Earth’s continents drift across the ocean bed relative to each other. It can be proved by geometric fit of the displaced continents and the similarity […]

Mineral And Rock Differences

Mineral and rock are different. Minerals are naturally occurring, inorganic, crystalline, solid materials with definite chemical composition, molecular structure, and certain physical properties. Meanwhile, rocks are composed of of minerals. The […]

Earthquake Brief Definition

An earthquake happens when two blocks of the earth suddenly slip past one another. The surface where they slip is called the “fault plane” (or simply “fault”). The location below […]

How Is Earth’s Geographic Poles Different From Magnetic Poles?

   The Earth’s Geographic Poles are opposite to its Magnetic Poles. The Earth’s magnetic field is just like the one produced by a huge bar magnet at the center of […]

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