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Creative Writing

Overcoming The Blank Page

For many, the hardest step of writing is getting started. Maybe you have a topic, or you might not even have that. The blank page is full of possibilities—yet empty. […]

Ways To Make Your Writing Concise

Who likes seeing the comment “Wordy” in the margin? Who likes reading writing that takes forever to get to the point? Assuming you like neither one, read on for ways […]

Ways To Make Your Writing Concise, Part 2

I don’t remember ever being taught how to make writing concise, so I’ve thought more about how I trim words. I hope that the following information about redundancies, expletive constructions, […]

Writing Strategies Based On Your Learning Style

By tutor Darla: www.tutapoint.com/darla.n Certain writing strategies work better for some writers than others do, and part of the reason may be writers’ different learning styles. I’ll share writing strategies I […]

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