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Getting The Most Out Of Your Math Tutor

Hi Everyone, 

I teach math every day here at Tutapoint and I’d like to drop some tips about how students can benefit the most from their experience here with math.

Math is different from most subjects in school because it continously builds on itself during a class and even from class to class. For example, what you learn in Algebra 1 will still be on the tests when you take Calculus! For this reason, my first tip is to be aware of things you may have missed. You’ll cover many different theorems, postulates, definitions and formulas in class, so it can be hard to keep track of them all. However, if you notice a reoccurring concept that your teacher mentions that you still don’t really understand, write it down and ask your tutor about it. Even if this concept is from basic math, like how to add fractions, definitely ask your tutor about it! You’ll find that learning new concepts is easier when you don’t have to worry about understanding old concepts. 

My next tip applies to all subjects, but especially math. Being able to work independently is the single most effective way to improve your test scores. When you have a tutor, it’s easy to just rely on them to help you finish your homework. We’re definitely here to do that, but I want to stress the importance of being able to, not just do the problems, but also think about the concepts when no one else is around. It can be surprising to people how different their brain works when someone is sitting next to them who can give them the answers. Test anxiety is also something that can be remedied by working independently. So, the next time you are working with your tutor, instead of just finishing your homework with the tutor, try doing practice problems that aren’t in your homework. This way you can get the help you need, then also have the opportunity to do some of the work on your own. I know it sounds like more time spent on math, but if you get everything figured out with your tutor, I think you’ll find the homework gets done real fast!

The brain is an incredible part of you and math can be a powerful tool to exercise it. Try applying these tips and watch your brain get stronger!


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