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August 14, 2020

At-Home Tutoring Services has taught children as young as 4 years old and adults as old as 72. Therefore it’s no surprise that they help with a wide array of subjects. From early language skills and core classes, to AP classes and research paper submissions, they have specialized tutors for every need. They are very selective with who they hire and pair students with. For example, if a student needs help with ninth grade bio, they will choose a tutor who not only has the knowledge to help, but also has a professional background in biology and a passion for the subject.
“We approach tutoring from a coaching perspective … we’re there to help [students] know that they can do it, and that they’re capable,” said owner Eva Bisso. “We push them a little harder than just getting through an assignment, we want them to achieve a deeper understanding, and mastery of the subject.”
At-Home Tutoring Services is flexible; they can help students for a specific test or an entire semester. They also offer guidance counseling for all college bound students, from determining a list of target schools to developing a strong personal essay and completing applications.

August 12, 2019

THE WOODLANDS, TX — Eva Bisso had a problem. And because there wasn’t a viable solution, she took it upon herself to create one.
Bisso’s son was diagnosed with dyslexia in first grade, thanks to teachers who were able to steer the family in the direction of identifying and diagnosing learning differences. However, he needed consistent, reliable help outside the classroom to overcome his learning differences. Bisso struggled to get her son the academic support he needed in the limited free time he had between his – and his brother’s – packed itinerary of practices, games and other extracurricular activities.
“Students with learning differences need help throughout school, so I was searching for a qualified professional tutor or multiple tutors to help with all subjects as he progressed through middle school,” Bisso said. “I needed someone with a background in teaching dyslexic students.”
Bisso saw a need in The Woodlands to accommodate families like hers with at-home tutoring services, seven days a week, at various hours of the day for any academic subject at all grade levels.
In December 2017, At-Home-Tutoring Services – The Woodlands was born.
“I wanted to provide the same level of quality I expected for my own kids,” Bisso said. “When people reach out to At-Home-Tutoring Services, they are getting a tutor I would have in my own home working with my own children.”
Bisso was born in Delaware and attended Tulane University in New Orleans, where she studied economics and Spanish literature. When Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005, her family was forced from their home. They moved here with the intention of returning to Louisiana when the waters receded, but the community had other plans.
“Texas embraced us with open arms – businesses, families – everyone was very welcoming,” Bisso said. “We felt like part of the community in just a few months. It was a very easy choice to stay and make this home.”
As the years passed and they became more ingrained in the community and schools, Bisso saw a gap in the area’s tutorial offerings. She reached out to a friend in Houston, who’d been running a successful tutoring business since 1999. Bisso asked her if she’d consider expanding to The Woodlands area. When she said she wasn’t able to, Bisso took things into her own hands.
Bisso takes her business seriously. Her tutors are former teachers and business executives who are equally passionate about their specific areas of expertise and committed to each student’s academic success.
“We have hiring practices in place that match tutors with students to create, what we hope, will be years of academic excellence,” Bisso said. “Families love our services because we care about each student as if they were our own.”
The goal, Bisso explained, is to pair tutors and students for as many years as possible. “Want the same writing coach for all four years of high school? We want that too,” she added. “Relationships formed during the learning process are incredibly important for these students’ self-esteem and confidence.”
“We never want to hear, ‘I can’t.’”
Bisso knows first-hand how debilitating it can be for a student to be diagnosed with a learning difference.
“A big part of learning differences is that students lose self-confidence because they don’t think they can do the work anymore,” Bisso said. “We never want to hear ‘I can’t.’ Students with learning differences are amazing; we tell them over and over that a learning difference only means their brain works a little differently.”
Parents can share diagnostic reports with Bisso to help her find the best tutor. Bisso then works directly with teachers, diagnosticians, speech pathologists and psychologists to provide the student with the most effective learning resources.
“For every learning difference, we have a professional tutor who is experienced working with students in that area,” Bisso said. “Emotionally, it can be incredibly difficult for a child if he or she doesn’t get the support needed. It’s so rewarding to hear success stories from our students – how they started out with negative vocabulary but successfully boosted their quiz and test scores after a few months with us. That negative vocabulary is now positive.”
She added, “We’re so proud and so excited, and the kids are, too.”
The Woodlands community has embraced At-Home-Tutoring Services in the same way it embraced the Bisso family. The unique approach to tutoring gives families with hectic schedules the flexibility to get the academic help needed, whether with school subjects, organizational skills, study habits, state testing or college entrance exams and essays – all in the comfort of their own home. At-Home-Tutoring Service sends qualified, background-checked tutors to a family’s home at times that work best for the family.
From the Classroom to the Playing Field
Bisso recently has taken this passion for flexible scheduling to the athletic world.
“We have had so many student-athletes as part of our client base,” Bisso said. “Their schedules change from season to season and, sometimes, that results in not being able to use the same tutor used in the past. But with my service, I am able to adjust and accommodate the challenging schedules of a student-athlete.”

This year, Bisso has partnered with EPA and Diamond Standard Recruiting to support student-athletes pursuing athletics at the collegiate level.

“High achieving student-athletes may not believe that they can play college sports, but this new partnership sends the message to students that they can be great students and great athletes,” Bisso said. “We have students on travel baseball teams who work with their tutors via FaceTime and virtual sessions. We have golfers who need to meet late in the evenings, swimmers who meet early in the morning or on weekends. Whatever we need to do, we work to do it. Because GPA matters for athletes. Combine talent with good grades and these kids are capable of anything.”
What Bisso is doing is working. Not only is her business growing in this area; she’s also recently expanded to Austin.
Present a parent with a problem concerning his or her child, and that parent is likely to find a solution. For Eva Bisso, solving that problem has led to the academic success of countless students in the community, and it’s all just the beginning.

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