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College Coaching

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A-HTS College Coaching

The transition to college can prove quite challenging as students experience more independence, larger class sizes, less teacher interaction, and larger, more complex assignments.

Academic/Executive function coaching can revolutionize the college experience for students giving personalized guidance to help them flourish inside and outside of the classroom. Here are some constructive ways coaching can positively impact the college student’s journey:

Effective Time Management:
We help students develop a time management system that works for them and help them develop strategies to ditch procrastination, improve focus and embrace timely task completion, giving them more time to do the things they love.
Improved Organization
Our coaches partner with clients to improve organizational skills. We help students design their physical space in a way that supports their success. We help them plan and time block their week, ensuring time for course work, self-care, and extra-curricular activities. We work with students to break down papers, projects, and study objectives into small, manageable pieces.
Clear Goal Setting
Our coaches help clients identify their deepest commitments and create a vision for their future. We help our clients establish clear objectives, devise actionable plans to achieve their goals, and provide accountability to ensure success.
Enhanced Study Techniques
We help students integrate study tactics based on their individual learning style and develop effective note-taking skills. College courses often have less opportunities for grades and tests are fewer and farther between, requiring skills and discipline to absorb the material over time.
Stress Management and Overall Well-Being
We are passionate about the overall well-being of our students and encourage them to integrate mindfulness, fitness, good nutrition, hydration, healthy sleep hygiene and cultivate a supportive community.
Advocacy Skills
Our coaches help students learn how to advocate for themselves, to include communicating with professors, accessing support services, or seeking opportunities such as internships, study-abroad programs, etc.

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