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Powers Of I — Imaginary Number

The powers of i is always equal to either one of these 4 numbers: 1, i , -1,-i. Here we will see why. i0 = 1, this is because for any […]

How To Determine Nature Of Roots — Quadratic Equations

To determine the nature of roots of quadratic equations (in the form ax^2 + bx +c=0) , we need to calculate the discriminant, which is b^2 – 4 a c. […]

Latitude And Longitude

  Latitude lines are the horizontal lines on a map. Latitude lines are parallel to each other they have an equal distance from each other. In the north hemisphere, the degrees […]

The Difference Between Solving An Equation And Solving An Inequality.

Solving Inequalities is very similar to solving Equations. The same general technique applies. That technique for solving equations is: Whatever you do to one side of the equation, you have […]

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