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Language Arts

Ways To Make Your Writing Concise

By tutor Darla Nagel: www.tutapoint.com/darla.n Who likes seeing the comment “Wordy” in the margin? Who likes reading writing that takes forever to get to the point? Assuming you like neither one, […]

Tips For Writing Introductions, Thesis Statements, And Conclusions

by tutor Darla: www.tutapoint.com/darla.n Everything in nature has structure, something to hold it together; essays also have structure. Parts of that structure that can be challenging to write are introductions, thesis […]

Ways To Make Your Writing Concise, Part 2

by tutor Darla: www.tutapoint.com/darla.n I don’t remember ever being taught how to make writing concise, so I’ve thought more about how I trim words. I hope that the following information about […]

Writing Strategies Based On Your Learning Style

By tutor Darla: www.tutapoint.com/darla.n Certain writing strategies work better for some writers than others do, and part of the reason may be writers’ different learning styles. I’ll share writing strategies I […]

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Five-Paragraph Essay

By tutor Darla: www.tutapoint.com/darla.n When I was a high school sophomore, I wondered if every essay I wrote for my English classes would be a classic five-paragraph essay. I had mixed […]

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