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Your January Guide to Academic Success!

Dear Valued Members of the A-HTS® Community, As the founder and heart behind At-Home Tutoring Services®, I am continually inspired by the boundless potential each student possesses. Our mission at […]

Powers Of I — Imaginary Number

The powers of i is always equal to either one of these 4 numbers: 1, i , -1,-i. Here we will see why. i0 = 1, this is because for any […]

How To Determine Nature Of Roots — Quadratic Equations

To determine the nature of roots of quadratic equations (in the form ax^2 + bx +c=0) , we need to calculate the discriminant, which is b^2 – 4 a c. […]

Latitude And Longitude

  Latitude lines are the horizontal lines on a map. Latitude lines are parallel to each other they have an equal distance from each other. In the north hemisphere, the degrees […]

What’s The Relationship Between Parallel Lines And Slope?

The slope of two parallel lines must be the same; if the slopes of two lines are the same then they must be parallel. Example 1: If line y=mx+2 and […]

What’s The Relationship Between Perpendicular Lines And Slope?

What’s the relationship between perpendicular lines and slope? The slope of two perpendicular lines must be in negative reciprocal relationship, if the slopes of two lines are negative reciprocals to […]

Good Learners And Failure

To aspire to great achievement is to risk failure.  No one can make you feel like a failure without your consent. Good learners risk doing things badly in order to find […]

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