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At-Home Tutoring Services (A-HTS®) has been educating students since 1999.

We are an educational services company whose mission is to elevate students’ academic performances to their highest potential. 

With our superior educator talent, innovative technology and high standards of service and customer focus, we provide a tailored approach to achieving our students’ academic, test preparation and college admissions goals.

A-HTS® collaborates with you to personally select the right education professional for your needs. From kindergarten to grad school, test prep, professional certifications, languages, and more.
  • Your schedule
  • 24/7 tutor availability
  • Superior customer service
  • Same day tutor-student pairing
  • Customized academic plans
  • At-home and virtual online tutoring
  • Same tutor each session
  • Tutors background-checked

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What Our A-HTS® Community is Saying About Us:

Terry Thain
Terry Thain
January 12, 2022.
Worked with John Xavier to improve my sons Math scores. John was excellent and communicated well to ensure a pleasant experience. Great feedback also.
lorena kubera
lorena kubera
October 3, 2021.
Ar-Home Tutoring service helped my son to pinpoint the sub section he needed to work on to improve his SAT score. His tutor was very professional and effective resulting in the desired score outcome. I highly recommend this service!
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis
September 28, 2021.
Shane has really helped my daughter Kayla with honors Algebra 2. It is a super hard class with a lot of emphasis on timed homework checks. In the first session, Shane figured out what my daughter was struggling with and showed her some really helpful tips to improve her speed. I’m so glad we decided to get a math tutor. Shane is great!
Michelle W
Michelle W
September 11, 2021.
At Home Tutoring Services worked with my son to increase his SAT by 100 points after 5 one hour Zoom sessions. The tutor analyzed previous test scores and created a plan tailored to areas of need. The well structured lessons with practice tests created an interactive conversational experience. The tutor was professional, kind and adapted to my sons learning style. 1490 SAT score result.
Jody Nabors
Jody Nabors
July 29, 2021.
Our son worked w/ Tracy to improve his SAT school to improve his chances of being accepted to a few high-academic schools that he was targeting, but we didn't have a long time to work w/ her. In that time, both his Math and Reading/English scores improved using the strategies the practiced--he was accepted to two of his targeted high-academic schools. Tracy was able to work w/ our son's Asperger's Syndrome to devise a strategy that worked w/ his thought process. We are very happy we were referred to Eva Bisso and ATS.
Oyetunde Oyewo
Oyetunde Oyewo
July 23, 2021.
Very knowledgeable staff. Objective listeners and advisors. My son’s teacher is great!
C Besse
C Besse
May 28, 2021.
We signed our daughter up for some extra help with her classes and were so happy with the results we kept the sessions going through the end of her senior year. Watching her confidence grow as her skills became stronger was very rewarding. Definitely recommend At-Home Tutoring Services. They provide quality tutors and clear communication. Worth every penny!!
Theresa Salmon
Theresa Salmon
May 17, 2021.
I had a fantastic experience with At Home Tutoring Service. Everyone was very professional and our tutor was very attentive and helped my daughter really improve her math skills.
Claire Cameron Hardy
Claire Cameron Hardy
April 29, 2021.
My son has learnt so much & progressed really well, his recent grades have reflected that. His tutor makes his lessons fun & engaging & he even looks forward to them. I highly recommend at home tutoring services.

We tutor in the following areas:
  • All academic subjects, including home-schooling needs
  • Proper test preparation for ERB, ISEE, SAT, ACT, HSPT, IB, AP Exams and all others
  • Organizational skills
  • Efficient study habits
  • College readiness and essays
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